When and where?


Coffee is available at 9 AM.

Worship Service starts at 9:30 AM.

Spiritual Formation begins ~10:45 AM.

2600 N. 70th St. Lincoln, NE

What can I expect?

Expect to be welcomed at the door by our greeters.

Expect the KôZ Coffee to be hot and ready.

Expect worship done through corporate prayer and

contemporary worship music.

Expect our pastors to preach, leading us in Scripture study.

Expect a time of Spiritual Formation around tables, where

we apply the sermon to our lives and pray for one another.

Visitors: Feel free to stay or dismiss yourself during the 10 min. break before. We believe this time is essential to our community, but we honor anyone who chooses to exit after the Worship Service.

Plus our prayer room will always be open for your own quiet time

with the Lord or to be prayed for by one of our elders.

Does it matter what I wear?

Wear whatever you are most comfortable wearing.

A few people wear ties or dresses, others wear jeans, one of our pastors is barefoot.  It's all welcome.

What about my kids?

KidsTown is available for children birth - 6th grade.

Birth - 4 y/o: Trained and secure childcare is available during the entire service.

5 y/o - 6th grade: We believe a significant part of our children's spiritual growth happens by observing their parents faithfully worshiping, praying, and studying Scripture each week, so we happily include them in our first hour of service.  When we break off into Spiritual Formation conversations, we provide age-specific groups for our kids' own Spiritual Formation.